Alice Springs Chicken | Keto Recipe |

It’s always wise to have chicken on the menu, right? People are obsessed with their chicken.

What You'll Need:

4 boneless chicken breasts 8 pieces bacon, coarsely chopped 8 ounces fresh mushrooms, sliced 1 tablespoon butter 1 clove garlic, minced 4 ounces cheddar cheese, shredded

Cooking Guide:

- Season the chicken with the seasonings of your choice such as seasoning salt and grill until just done.

- Keep the chicken warm.

- Fry the bacon in a skillet until crisp and drain on paper towels.

- In the same skillet, sauté the mushrooms and garlic in butter, seasoning with salt to taste.

- Cook until the juices have evaporated.

- Place the chicken on a foil-lined baking sheet.

- Top each piece of chicken with 1/4 of the mushrooms and bacon, then with the shredded cheese.

- Broil until cheese is melted and bubbly.

Makes 4 servings

The Macros:

Per Serving:

356 Calories

20g Fat

40g Protein

3g Carbohydrate

1g Dietary Fiber

2g Net Carbs

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